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Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris

International Trade

We work closely with partners in other countries, to create an environment where imports and exports can be carried out safely and quickly.

We mainly export ceramic art, Japanese drinks, foods and daily necessities. Santsu has long term partnership with many  Japanese manufacturers and are able to offer great deals to our customers. Apart from our major products,  we can provide many other commodities if needed

Our passion for your satisfaction

Japanese Alchol

Whiskey, Saki, Soft Drinks and Tea

Dollar Shop & Home Center Products


Buffered Brick Wallpaper

Because it is pasted paper type, so the construction is also very simple. No finishing, no tools, because the product itself is sticky, simply tear off the stripping paper, you can stick it on the wall beautifully. The decoration can be finished in a few minutes.

Cashion Envelope

The outside of the buffered envelope with buffered bubbles is not paper, but PE (polyethylene) processing, with impact resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, crack resistance, and good durability. Protect personal privacy, protect precision instruments, CDs, DVDs, books, electronic products, jewelry, cosmetics, skin care products, groceries, etc. from impact.

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Garden Sunshade

This product is a necessity for sunshade. It can be used anywhere. The exterior of French window, wooden deck and balcony, outdoors also suit very much. With convenient fixed automatic hole, the installation is also very simple.

Picnic Sheet

Flower appreciation, picnic, barbecue, beach chair, mountaineering, fireworks meeting, sports meeting, indoor use and other occasions can be matched together. It is a very active leisure cushion. Three or four adults. It not only can be used leisurely with family and friends, but also suitable for two people to take a leisurely nap.

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